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Lecturer(s): Tom Roe


Date: 26 October; 9 November, 23 November

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Zoom (Link will be provided)

Description: We all enjoyed it last year, now Tom Roe will be giving an in-depth teach on all the cranial nerves in an thorough three part series. Students will be able to understand the innervation of all 12 cranial nerves, be able to describe the origin, route, and related branches of all cranial nerves and relate this learning to pathologies related to cranial nerve damage. An understanding of this subject is high-yield for all years. However, it is strongly recommend that 1st years go to this teach, and that 2nd years and 3rd go to this teach in preparation for clinical competencies.


More Videos Up Soon! (Part 3 slides soon in NOVEMBER FOLDER)

Part 1

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