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PUNS Committee 2021-2022

Balint Zoltan Borbas



I am thrilled to be the President for PUNS this year. I have been involved with several societies, including Academic Sec for MedSoc and Conference Lead for PUNS last year.

My love for nervous system started in medical school, I found it fascinating to learn all the complexity even in just the anatomy of the brain. Furthermore, I believe it is a field where there is much to be discovered as our understanding of the brain grows. This excites me for the possibilities which the future holds for treatment of currently fatal illnesses.

As my passion has developed, I have realised that I want to operate in my career, which has attracted me to neurosurgery. I am passionate to involve all years of the medical school in everything PUNS will do this year and hope to provide opportunities to all students. I am very happy to be approached and always willing to listen to suggestions from anyone. I am privileged to be working with a group of people who share my passion for the nervous system and I am keen to help them and rely on them to create the best PUNS experience for all our members.

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